London's Homeless



Homeless = Lifeless

In the span of one year,  there were 19 recorded deaths in London, On. By way of comparison,  the City of Toronto, had 25. Even though Toronto's population is more than seven times the size of London's 

Homelessness is a mass catastrophe, comparable to the devastation of a plane crash in a city and unless it is taken seriously, it will only get worse.


How Do We Help?

Care Packages 

For every 5th sweater purchased a care package is created.

Includes: deodorant, socks, gloves, lip balm, water and snacks. 

10%  Donations 

10% of all proceeds go to local organizations that fight hunger. That means every purchase helps. 

 Face to Face :)

We create face to face relationships and have communications with the homeless of London. 

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Its Your City, Will You Help?


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